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Good Things!

  • Writing Tools

  • Printed Handouts

  • Video Lesson(s)

  • Penmanship Goodies

  • A Script Project

  • Progressive Learning



  • Writing Instrument(s): Each month, your child will receive a carefully selected writing instrument. Some months, it might be colorful markers to help them become familiar with letter forms, while other months will introduce them to real calligraphy tools like dip pens and mixing inks.


  • Printed Handouts: Inside every box, you'll find a collection of printed handouts. These handouts are ready to be studied, traced, copied, and written all over. They serve as valuable references for practicing various calligraphy styles.


  • Access to Recorded Lessons: Your subscription includes access to that month's recorded lessons. These engaging lessons, averaging 1-2 hours in content, are thoughtfully broken down into fun and manageable segments. Your child can enjoy learning at their own pace.


  • Penmanship-Related Goodies: We believe in making learning fun! Each box includes exciting script-related goodies, such as stickers, wax seals, and new inks. These delightful extras add a touch of creativity to the learning experience.


  • A Script Project: In addition to lettering instruction, every box contains a small, fun lettering project for your child to complete. It's a chance for them to showcase their hard work and newfound calligraphy skills.


  • Progressive Learning: Our subscription boxes are designed to build upon each other, gradually introducing them to various calligraphy styles such as Copperplate, Gothic, Italic, Uncial, Modern Calligraphy, and more. With that in mind, your child will start with box one and will move forward in a planned curriculum regardless of the month in which they sign up. 

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